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One of my favorite things about style and fashion is that it is constantly changing. It’s also so unique and personal. Home decor is your style and fashion for your home. And we all have different styles. My mom’s passion has been home decor for over 25 years. When I got old enough to carry things, one of my favorite memories is helping my mom carry all of her home decor in a crate with wheels. Multiple crates. She worked relentlessly. Got promotions. Built a team of over 300 people. Met some incredible people. Made friends with them.

For the longest time I knew she wanted her own business. She talked about it and how her and her mom (grandma!) and her sisters (Aunt Linda & Aunt Lorraine!) wanted to open a shop, and call it “Three Sisters & Mom.” Unfortunately, my mom lost her sister to cancer when I was 3, Aunt Lorraine being only 33. Years later, her mom. I can tell she still strives to hold their image highly with her business, with the ideals of scattering kindness and making people feel special. I love when people see that. She doesn’t ask for attention or accolades for it, but I love when she knows it’s being valued.

One of my favorite things is when people say, “Oh, your mom knows my style!” And it’s true. She knows people’s style better than I know my own. When she’s talking with customers (who often become great friends) she listens. She learns so much about an individual. At market we’ll often hear her say, “Oh that mirror is SO Abby!” It’s funny, cause as soon as that mirror comes in, you know who got the most excited to see it?! ...Abby. This transfers over to flowers too.

Our home decor department has expanded. Last October we got to offer two whole floors of decor and accessories. Mirrors, clocks, paintings, wall decor, accents, signs, lamps, the list goes on. All of these pieces make up a room. A conveyed message to the people who enter it, “this is who I am. This is what I like.” A few weeks ago, we got to help a friend redo her whole office. We placed all of the pieces on a table to get a cohesive look at how they all interact together. And gasped. It was perfect. It was exactly what she had envisioned, and she selected pieces that I wouldn’t have expected to go with everything. But it did, and she knows I would’ve given my honest opinion. And of course I had to snap a picture. That was a pivotal moment for me. I’ve been here over a year, and someone trusted me to help them design a room. I get it now. I get why my mom is so passionate about all of this, and why it makes someone feel so special. I love it. And I’m hooked. Perhaps my mom and I can start an organization called Home Decoraholics Unanimous. Because let’s face it, we’ve got something for everybody. Casual elegance, rustic comfort, eclectic, traditional. It’s all got a space here. And it’s all got a space in your home. Let us help you make your house a home.

We’re approaching our 4 year anniversary as Designs on the Boulevard, but there are decades of experience behind that. And we’re getting more shipments for the event! :D Thank you for being a part of this business, and letting us into your homes and lives. We are both humbled and grateful. Thank you!