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Why Your Desk Needs a Plant


Let's call them desk pets. I mean, if someone could sell a pet rock and get away with it, why can't I talk about a living thing (sure it doesn't pant or purr) as a pet?! I'm hoping to get a desk at work soon, I really need it. And the first thing that's going on my desk/workstation is going to be a plant or an arranged vase of fresh cut flowers. Here are some reasons why I think everyone should have either a plant or a vase of flowers on their desk. Stress Relief

One of the many benefits of gardening is the stress relief you get to enjoy. It's like a tiny little garden on your desk. Something that depends on you that isn't your boss or an expense report that needs filing. Trimming and watering are things that only you can do! The plant does the rest! Plus, it's a gentle reminder that you too are a living being and not a computer. (Even if you have to sit at one all day! ;) )

Appealing to the Eye

Colors are appealing to the eye. As much as neutrals may be timeless and always a safe option, colors are eye catching as well as pleasing. Just look at how much children love bright things! Don't lose that inner child. Plants and flowers come in a variety of colors and can really dress up your desk.

Taken Serious

You're taken more seriously when you wear a suit rather than your yoga or sweatpants right? You wouldn't present a report without preparation or dressed for the part right? Dress up your desk and have that subtle reminder that you are the master of that chaos. (Let's be real, it should be a chaotic desk. You've got a lot of things on your plate!)

Let Your Clients Know You Care

Walking into a meeting or a conference room with flowers is a great way to show a client you care and are prepared for the meeting that's about to happen. If you took the time to prepare (or order) a vase of fresh cut flowers, then you took the time to have all your facts and figures straight.

Trick People Into Thinking You're Liked

Just kidding. But I have heard "who got them flowers?"

Are there any other benefits you can think of? I know we have customers who come in weekly and hand pick their desk flowers, and I love that they take the time to do something special for themselves.