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3 Reasons You Should Pre-Order for Valentine's Day

We all know the feeling in your gut you get when you forget to do something you know you needed to do, and the following panic that ensues once you try to dart around to finish it. It happens to all of us. I think we all also know the feeling of "wow, I'm really on top of things! I got this done way before I needed to, and now I don't have to worry about it." I think we all know which feeling we prefer. Valentine's Photo Prints In case you needed more reasons to pre-order your Valentine's Day flowers, here's more!

1. Ready for Pick-Up

You call ahead, pre-order them before the day you want them, and they'll be ready (and in water!) waiting for you. You can pay when you pick them up, or over the phone so you're in and out! You can even specify what time you'd like to pick them up. Seems simple right? I is.

2. Free Delivery in Geneseo

If you pre-order your Valentine's Day flowers, you're going to get free delivery (should you choose to!) in Geneseo. It's cost-effective now, right? I'm always in the mood for a good deal, and quite frankly this is huge.

3. Top Choice 

If you've got something specific in mind, like a certain color or theme you'd like, a pre-order helps significantly. Not only can we better accommodate your special arrangement and have what we need in stock, but we also know "don't use any of those white roses until after Jerry's order is filled!"


BONUS: Maybe I'm just feeling the love and feeling generous, but we tend to go out of our way for our customers who pre-order. You're making our lives easier when you do, and we like to give that back in return. This year, we've been obsessed with this Goldleaf Gardenia fragrance. Now, I'm not saying anything is happening with it just yet. But it just might.


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