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Welcome to the Designs on the Boulevard family, LAFCO!

Remember when we said we have a lot of new product coming? Well, do you know who Oprah is? Let me rephrase that.

Everyone loves Oprah. You can't not love her.

She's endorsed this next line. But I didn't really look into the product until one of our loyal, and wonderful customers recommended it. Then I knew we better check into this. That's right, I value your opinion more than Oprah's. Just saying.

It's straight from the big apple, and I mean right in the heart of Manhattan.

For me, New York evokes the spirit of the American Dream. And is a global leader in luxury, design, and culture. The place you can drink a cheap beer in a Givenchy gown and not seem too strange. Plus, it gave birth to one of my favorite performers ever. YAS GAGA YAS COME THROUGH! Anyways...

We have a rigorous testing process before bringing in a line such as this. We turn away more than we bring in, but when we bring in we're in love. Call us picky, but we want the best there is. Which leads me to this new line...

Luxury Articles and Fragrances Company, LAFCO New York.

NYC Designs welcomes lafco1

Let me start with the candles. First, they smell incredible. In house fragrance design by perfumers that have studied all over Europe. SOLD. Second, the glass vessel it comes in is hand blown glass, and have unlimited usability after burning through. Food safe, dishwasher safe. You name it. Margaritas anyone? SOLD. Third, they burn extremely well, slow, and clean. SOLD. Plus they have great throw, which is a major criteria for a candle.

But what about the bar soap?!

Photo Feb 21, 3 51 18 PM

One word. Phenomenal.

First off, these bars are huge. They last seemingly forever, and after being introduced to them, I use these exclusively. Richly moisturizing, and deliciously fragrant, these bars of soap are renown for their luxurious lather and experience.

Photo Feb 24, 2 47 19 PM

Here is my brother's review. The fact that he's excited, is huge. I'm putting a screenshot so you know I didn't make this up. He's great.

Photo Feb 26, 11 13 11 AM

LAFCO bar soap is all over every publication and the blogosphere. Just this month it was featured in Men's Health magazine, they recommended the Sage & Walnut bar soap. Thankfully, we have that one. And more. Best seller? Chamomile Lavender. But don't worry, we've got more than those two for you to try out. Another benefit? Completely vegan. Absolutely no animal testing or by-products. Made in Italy for LAFCO New York. Also it will never crack, crumble, or mush. I personally leave mine in the shower, and it's like a wonderful smelling rock that doesn't care if water splashes on it.

Here's some press clippings to help further your curiosity. ;)

You're not a candle lover unless you've tried LAFCO. These candles last way longer than any candle you're currently burning. Same with the bar soap. And I can say that with confidence. I'll leave it at this for now... ;)

LAFCO at Designs on the Boulevard in Geneseo, IL. Come sniff and smile! :D