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7 Things You Can Do in Geneseo without a Screen

Today we spend so much time looking at screens. Phones, tablets, TVs, computers, even books if you're tech savvy. And trust me, I already get the irony that you're reading this through a screen, so bear (bare?) with me. Here's a list of 7 things you can do in Geneseo without a screen! We may not be a huge bustling city, but we do have a lot to be proud of!


There are SO many amazing bars, restaurants, cafes, and more in town. Support them and try not having your phone out while you're there! A fun game you can play is having everyone stack their phones on top of one another, and the first one to grab their phone before the gathering (meal or drinks) is over grabs the tab! It's kind of a nice incentive to be present and in the moment with everyone isn't it?!

Live Theatre

Photos courtesy of Richmond Hill Players.

Richmond Hill Players offers live shows all throughout the year, you can attend and/or get involved in one! If you've never gotten involved, I highly recommend it. You'll create not only a show, but lifelong relationships with some of the best people! 


Photos courtesy of Geneseo Park District.

Geneseo has an impressive amount of parks and activities available to us for a town of this size. Just think about it. You can play tennis! Volley tennis anyone?! You can swim. You can play corn hole. You can play outdoor table tennis. OUTDOOR. TABLE. TENNIS. I mean, come on!!! (I secretly would love to watch someone play this on a windy day. Just throwing that out there.) There are swings. You can have a picnic lunch, you can walk til your thighs hurt and chafe. 

Shop Downtown

Downtown Geneseo

State Street

Downtown Geneseo has so many cute little shops, boutiques, and offerings you really should check them all out. And let me clarify. When I say downtown I DO mean more than just State Street. You'd be missing out if you didn't explore a few blocks in each direction AND side streets. 


There's literally sidewalks all over. Use 'em! Get that mind cleared out, and enjoy this cute town!

Bike Ride the Canal

Hop on your bike, and ride as far as you'd like! This canal trail is an amazing resource we all have access to. Need inspiration? Go on the canal. Need to clear your head? Go on the canal. Need to feel like you're just getting away from it all (but are too scared to actually remove yourself from all modern amenities-that's me)? Go on the canal. Take a notebook even and stop to take a break and just write. You'll feel amazing.

Host a "Phoneless Social Party"

Now I know this isn't specific to Geneseo, but it's a great idea and I would love to have or go to one of these. Just saying. Just think, now's the time to bust out those questionable dance moves or outfit and you know you won't innocently become the next meme. 

You won't have to worry about this. No one will be filming you attempt to moonwalk or try to do that floss dance everyone's loving lately. 

You won't have to worry about this. No one will be filming you attempt to moonwalk or try to do that floss dance everyone's loving lately. 

I hope this list has been helpful and that you can have a wonderful summer with it! Are there any other things you can think of that you can do in town without a screen?! Let me know in the comments below!