Our lives are made up of many moments and some occasions. Every occasion is special to each of us. Whether it be a time of celebration or a time of mourning and reflection. That time is special. Distinct from the rest of your everyday life. We get it. We're people too. From the highs of weddings to the celebrations of life. These occasions are important. And we would love to help you with those special moments. 

But let's not forget to make everyday a special day for ourselves and those around us. Smile at a stranger. Make that phone call to someone you've been meaning to, but keep putting it off. Send flowers to a friend. Take a selfie with a stranger (can you imagine the story they could tell their friends?!). Laugh. Laugh louder. Harder. And more often. Scatter some kindness, and remember that it's always free. If you need to pick up a smile or some kindness, feel free to stop in. I've got a fresh shipment of them.